Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Heartfelt Thanks To Our VC Veterans

I want to send a special note of sincere thanks to all of our veterans in the venture industry, who I don't think are remembered enough or thanked enough for everything they have done for us.  For this group, they're mostly known for their great returns, but most importantly, should be remembered for their service and commitment to our country.  Happy Veterans Day to our Venture Veterans.

Paul Madera (Meritech Capital Partners), Stuart Peterson (Artis Ventures), Steve Lazarus (ARCH Venture Partners), Paul Stone (5AM Ventures), Beau Laskey (SVB Capital), Ed Colloton (Bessemer Venture Partners), Chuck Newhall (NEA), Mike Ward (QuestMark Partners), Brad Harrison (Scout Ventures), Robin Bellas (Lightstone Ventures), David Jones (Bull City Venture Partners), Ben Britt (Route 66 Ventures), John Ward (Key Venture Partners), Dain DeGroff (Triangle Peak Partners), Sean Caplice (Gunderson Dettmer), Paul Denning (Denning & Co.), Andrew Swinand (Abundant Venture Partners), Andrew Boyd (ABS Capital Partners), Ram Vela (Greenspring Associates), Han Kim (Altos Ventures), Brian Chee (Polaris Partners), Ryan Popple (KPCB), Chris Shonk (ATX Seed Ventures), Jeremy Conrad (Lemnos Labs), John Drew (TCV), Chris Thomas (Fontinalis Partners), Brooke Seawell (NEA), Paige Craig (Arena Ventures), Tim Danford (Intel Capital), Art Pappas (Pappas Ventures), Phil Clough (ABS Capital Partners), Morgan Jones (Union Park Capital), Jonathan Seeber (Updata Partners), Sean Sebastian (Birchmere Ventures), Brian Knitt (Cheyenne Capital), Dave Munichiello (Google Ventures), John DeLoche (RSTP), Dave Finley (Sverica), George Kellerman (Crystal Tech Fund).

If I left anyone off, please let me know as it was unintentional and they deserve as much praise as the few folks I do know offhand.

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