Thursday, December 8, 2016

Good Things: What I'm Thankful For This Year

1.  The birth of our second daughter
2.  Speech therapists
3.  Snapchat's IPO filing
4.  Remembering to put out our daughters' shoes for St. Nicholas Day
5.  Jon David Armstrong
6.  Forgiveness 
7.  Costanoa Ventures at the Costanoa Lodge
8.  The Cubs, the Tribe and the Cavs
9.  Jeff Harbach and Bill Tobin 
10.  Michael Kim
11.  Hyper-converged storage
12.  Docker
13.  Getting to see Jeff Fernandez three times in one week every October
14.  Annual meeting swag
15.  Vests (the ultimate annual meeting swag)
16.  AbbVie
17.  Feld Thoughts
18.  Joanna Rupp
19.  Getting over my fear of heights, caves, the dark and claustrophobia thanks to Michael Eisenberg
20.  Gatorade
21.  The Lion Guard
22.  Samir Kaji
23.  French onion soup
24.  1K status and the anxiety-riddled pursuit of Global Services on United Airlines
25.  Leah

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